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Supply through Christmas

Dec 2021

Many businesses have outsourced most of their fulfilment and spend precious hours worries about customer service, what preventive steps can we take?


COP26 Learnings 

Nov 2021

There is a small margin for error in the path to reach the sustainability goals signed in the Paris agreement, what should businesses do? 


Operations Post-COVID

May 2021

Explore the priorities that most blue chip companies are following in rethinking their networks

Comforting Hands

Resilience in time of COVID

Feb 2021


Getting by has been a challenge, how do we take the learnings from the pandemic and transform them in a force for good in our businesses?

Brexit article.jpeg

Learning from building BREXIT readiness

Oct 2020

Describing a path to Supply Chain readiness for BREXIT and the learning of formulating an E2E strategy in a VUCA world

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