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About me

I am a strategic and empathetic Operations Leader, with a proven track record as a resilient change agent, building synergies and developing talent, to integrate value driven products and services with best practices as a source of competitive advantage, unlocking value through consistent performance, customer focus and operational agility. 

Through my career I have witnessed how brilliant teams can struggle to operationalize an idea, and my mission is to skillfully investigate a business strength to take the strategy from paper to action, specially applied to: Business Turnaround, Operational Resilience, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Scaling-up, Risk management and Sustainability Transformation

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Credentials and Key Accomplishments

  • Over 15 years of experience leading successfully Supply Chain performance.

  • Business transformation with focus on balancing cost, service, and cash; delivering annual savings of over 5% while reducing inventory levels. 

  • Building from scratch International Trade capabilities to mitigate profit and service impacts after Brexit. 

  • Conceptualizing the Supply Chain for Skin Sei, the first digitally native Unilever Brand.

  • Nurturing high performance teams and a culture of continuous improvements. 

  • Leading key roadmaps for infrastructure integration and change management through M&A. 

  • Delivered multiple innovation and sustainability roadmaps to support businesses achieving Science Based Targets. 

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